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About Me...

I have also always had a heart to want to help others. I have a strong intuition and the ability to feel the energy of people and understand and empathize with others. It's not a coincidence my journey has been one of being a teacher both in the United States and overseas, caregiving for elders, volunteering with Hospice, health coaching, instructing fitness, and practicing Reiki. My strong intuition and the ability to feel other people’s energy has helped me connect closely both professionally and personally to students, parents, other professionals, elders, clients, community, friends, and family.


My life has also come with many challenges both emotionally and physically. I have always had the ability to empathize with others because of my own life trials, tribulations, and traumas. I like to say Reiki found me when I needed it and guided me to become a certified instructor and share Reiki with others. Life radiates for me when my soul is on fire with passion sharing my gifts with others. Reiki is one of those gifts. I am a conduit of sharing Reiki. It flows through me and not from me. Reiki finds you when you need it and if you are here visiting Radiant Life Reiki - welcome! 


I am grateful for Reiki. Reiki has helped me through grief, stress, worry, anxiety, physical pain, difficulty sleeping, and the indecisiveness in life. Reiki always feels like a dear friend full of light and love. Reiki has given me peace of mind, calm, better mental focus, increased energy, and overall sense of well – being and happiness. I am an advocate for Reiki because I know the positive impact Reiki can have on others' lives. When I am feeling healthier and happier the life around me is radiating with the same energy. It’s a feeling of being alive! Everyone deserves to feel radiantly alive! 


We are in a world where we must advocate for our health and ourselves. I am dedicated to be an advocate and partner with my clients on their journey. Even in a world that seems at times to be spinning out of control, I want others to feel in control of their life and their health and to radiate with positivity. Reiki has grounded me and I am excited to be a partner with you on your journey to feel this radiating life and light inside you shine!

Radiantly yours, 


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